Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is it!

I'm but a wee babe in the world of cake decorating and have been completely and utterly dependent on the great cake elders of the cyber world for guidance, inspiration and advice. Thank you all so very much!

With each cake I make, I've learned a lot...mostly what not to do but that's besides the point. My friends and family have encouraged me to write a blog and with each cake I've said "on the next cake I'll start this blogging thing..." Well, I have to say that the cake that started it all finally came! But so what! What do I know about making these crazy cakes? What could I possibly offer?

Well, after attempting, failing, attempting again, making and successfully delivering my first standing 3D figure cake, I thought I could talk about the process of just figuring it out. I defer to the great cake elders constantly, getting snip-its of info from all over the place and figured since there's a lot of beginners like me out there, it would be kinda cool to have one place to go to to see the mistakes, ingenuity or just plain lucky breaks that make or break a cake ( that was kinda punny if you REALLY think about it!) I hope to make this the place!

So thanks for looking and welcome to my blog!


  1. Hi Joanna, I want to thank you so much for sharing how you made your Storm trooper cake. I'd been wanting to try a 3D cake for ages but was terrified about it falling apart. well I made the cake at the weekend for a little boy who loves lego star wars, he thought he was just getting a regular cake with a topper he was so happy when he seen it. I didn't put on as much detail as you I was afraid to mess it up but it definitely looked like a storm trooper from as soon as the head went on! I was so happy with the results thank you again you are amazing!!
    Niamh xx

  2. so how is the head made, you did share that part?